(Ir-Ru) MMO Titanium Mesh Anode & Titanium Mesh Cathode Set, 6" by 10"

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These MMO electrodes are great for a variety of uses: all kinds of electrolysis, chlorinators, chlorate and perchlorate cells, ionizers, precious metals plating, etc.. These are quality electrodes and will last for a long time if they aren't damaged. The max anode current density for mmo is around 200 - 250 mA/cm^2. Try to stay >25% below that to ensure long coating life. The tab connector is also made of titanium and is coated after welding with the rest of the electrode. Surface area of the mesh is 1.2x that of the equivalent solid plate electrode.

MMO Anode, Mesh
  • Coating: Iridium/Ruthenium Oxide 
  • Size: 6" by 10", with 4" stem
  • Width: 1mm
Titanium Cathode, Mesh
  • Purity: C.P. Grade (commercially pure) - perfect for electrolysis
  • Size: 6" by 10" with 4" stem
  • Width: 1mm
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